Riot Games Releases Dawnbringer Karma Charity Skin

December 17, 2019

Earlier this year, Riot Games set up a charitable foundation called the Riot Games Social Impact Fund “to promote equality in education, opportunity, and global citizenship.” Now, they have announced a charity event for all League of Legends supported regions.

Through January 13 you can buy an exclusive Dawnbringer Karma Charity Skin. One hundred percent of sales from the Dawnbringer Karma skin and related items will be donated to charity. Eligible items include:

  • Dawnbringer Karma skin
  • Dawnbringer Karma chromas
  • Dawnbringer Karma border set
  • Dawnbringer Karma bundle
  • Dawnbringer Karma Heart bundle
  • ‘All Love’ emote

League of Legends players will be able to vote in early 2020 to decide which social issues they would like to see the funds support. A majority of the funds will go to “nonprofits addressing causes that players vote are most important to them,” Riot said in a press release. Each nonprofit will receive a minimum of $10,000.


The Riot Games Social Impact Fund is a separate entity from Riot Games, and is managed by ImpactAssets, Riot’s financial partner. Riot has already donated more than $4 million on behalf of players to fight for equal opportunity, education, and other human rights.

Will you be purchasing the Dawnbringer Karma Charity Skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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