Red Dead Online’s Blood Money Update Arrives on July 13

July 8, 2021

The latest update for Red Dead Online, known as Blood Money, is set to launch on July 13 across all platforms. The free summer update will add a variety of new content and features to the Red Dead Redemption 2’s standalone online mode.

Rockstar has revealed that one of the major new additions to Red Dead Online is homestead robberies. These will be available across all five states in the game and will allow players recover private bonds from other characters.

These quests will be given out by Guido Martelli and will involve users carrying out a variety of crimes, such as robberies and kidnappings, in order to gather information about where the bonds are hidden.


All of the new missions in Blood Money will support solo play or co-op with other players and completing them will unlock opportunities. According to the announcement from Rockstar, these opportunities will let you “listen into nearby conversations or look out for important targets” as part of a scheme to bring down a senator.

Blood Money will also include a new type of season pass called The Quick Draw Club, which will offer “rapid-fire” passes over a short amount of time. Each pass will cost 25 Gold Bars and will have 25 ranks to reach, with a new pass arriving immediately after the previous one finishes.

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