PUBG Seriously Increases in Popularity After Switching to Free-to-Play

January 13, 2022

Yesterday, PUBG switched to free-to-play, and many longtime fans were wondering if this would be enough to bring in new players. The answer is “yes,” as the game has recently managed to double its weekly peak.

The usual peak for the game was a healthy 300,000 players. But after switching to F2P, the game peaked at 600,000 players. And according to Steam’s own data, PUBG is now the third most popular game on their platform!

For context, these numbers mean that PUBG is really blowing the fourth-place game, Apex Legends, out of the water. And PUBG is even gaining ground on the insanely popular second-place game DOTA 2.


This is similar to the boost in numbers that Rocket League had last year after switching to F2P. But only time will tell if PUBG sustains this new audience or if the newer players will eventually move on to another game.

Have you been playing PUBG since it went F2P? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

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