It’s Official: The Steam Deck Launches February 25

January 27, 2022

Originally, the Steam Deck was set to launch in late 2021 before being delayed due to global supply chain issues. Now, Valve has confirmed that the Steam Deck will officially launch on February 25.

Of course, not everyone who has pre-ordered this revolutionary portable system will get it that quickly. That’s the earliest date that we will see reviews thanks to press kits going out. Non-press will likely start receiving the Steam Deck as early as February 28. These are some of the lucky users who reserved the system early enough to get a “Q1 2022” shipping estimate.

How will those who pre-ordered know when theirs is on the way? Valve will begin sending out emails to users starting at 1 p.m. ET on February 25. Emails should go out in the order that the reservations were received, and users will only be able to order the Steam Deck model that they originally reserved.

Valve will count the reservation cost towards the overall price, and they will quote users a price that includes shipping. But it is crucially important to frequently check your email: once Valve sends an email to a reservation holder, that person has three days to confirm their order.


Before you get worried about not getting an email, make sure to check your reservation on the official page. Many who put in a reservation as early as possible (including yours truly) have an estimated shipping date of “Q2 2022” or later. And only those with the “Q1 2022” shipping estimate will be receiving units as early as February. But Valve will be sending out new emails each week, so be sure to regularly check your inbox.

Regardless of when you get your hands on the system, there is a lot to look forward to. Thanks to the recently-announced Dynamic Cloud Sync feature for Steam Cloud, users will be able to seamlessly move from playing games on their desktop and on their Steam Deck.

Are you excited to see the Steam Deck in action? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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