COD Black Ops 4: Voyage of Despair – Where to Find All the Parts for the Zombie Shield

April 29, 2021

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a variety of Easter eggs. One of the best is the Voyage of Despair shield that was introduced as part of the first zombie map. This Voyage of Despair map takes place on the Titanic and introduces a variety of new weapons, enemies, and special items. 

Getting the Black Ops 4 zombies shield is no easy task, though. There are multiple steps that players need to complete in order to get the there hands on the 

Finding the different Voyage of Despair shield components

There are three distinct shield parts in Voyage of Despair. These include the handles, visor, and shield plates. Only collecting all three parts will allow players to get access to the Voyage of Despair shield upgrade and use it in the game. 


The three handles for the Black Ops 4 shield can be found in the first-class State Rooms on the ship.


  1. On a shelf in the laundry room of the middle area.
  2. In a room near the laundry area, sitting on an armchair beside the SMG.
  3. Next to a wooden chair that is in an adjacent room to the laundry area.


All of the visor parts for the Voyage of Despair shield can be found on the ship’s bridge.

  1. Just up from the stairs on the right, leaning against a railing.
  2. In the corridors of the ship that lead to the Upper Grand Staircase, sitting on a handrail. 
  3. A small room that contains several wooden crates.

Shield Plates

The remaining parts, called shield plates, can be found in the Provisions area of the ship.

  1. In the stairway leading to the third-class berths on a handrail.
  2. On some wooden crates located in an area that players must drop down to from the third-class berths.
  3. Immediately outside of the Engine Room, sitting on a nearby wooden box.

Assembling the Voyage of Despair shield parts

Once all the Voyage of Despair parts have been collected, players can assemble them together at any workbench. There are multiple of these scattered throughout the map.

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